Chinon, Loire Valley Wine

The Loire’s largest red wine appellation deserves the spotlight as much for the quality of its products as for its well-established reputation.

Soil : Alluvial terraces, slopes, limestone hillocks overhanging the Vienne river, flinty clay plateaus … There are so many soil types – but then there are so many Chinon wines.

Vine : In Chinon the cabernet franc is unique and has many forms, refined and intense, balanced and structured, red or rosé, without forgetting some pockets of Chenin which discretely produce some great, dry, white wines.

Man : You can’t discuss Chinon without mentioning Rabelais… Born in Chinon, this great humanist left his spirit of conviviality, sense of sharing and zest of life.

In Chinon a bit of culture will definitely do you good !

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